School Break Programs

  • Brainstorm Challenges – Mondays during the school year when the Traverse City Area Public Schools has a scheduled day off, we offer special programs aimed at a school-aged child. (e.g. professional development days, federal holidays, etc.) Look at the calendar for details.
  • Nano Days – during spring break – the biggest event for the smallest scale of science! We’ll take part in this national program featuring activities of science and technology on a nano scale (nano=10 -9; a nanometre is one billionth of a meter)!
  • Winter Break Programs include wacky science experiments with snow and ice, making munchies for our feathered friends, building a geodesic dome out of newspaper, and more!
  • New Year’s Eve Countdown to Noon – For kids who can’t wait till midnight to celebrate the New Year! Make party hats, noisemakers, and time capsules, and count down 11:59 am to watch the ball drop!