Corporate Giving

It seems like businesses supporting the Museum do so because they believe in helping organizations focused on early childhood education, developing life-long learning as a habit, and in activities which engage children and their adults.   So the first question to answer regarding corporate giving is whether the Museum’s mission and activities are something YOUR business believes in.

If so,  the next question becomes “What kind of opportunity is your corporation interested in supporting?”

The Museum has a variety of giving opportunities ranging from event sponsorships to exhibit, program and theme sponsorships.  We understand corporations have different reasons for giving, as well as multiple priorities for the use of their donated funds and lots of people asking.  We want corporations supporting the Museum to find the right fit for their gift in the work of developing life-long learning in all ages.

Some corporations look at sponsorships as marketing.  They are interested in helping achieve the Museum’s mission, but they also want to keep their business visible in the community.  Sponsorships garner local attention as well as regional, national and international attention.

Other corporations are interested in providing opportunities for their staff to network within the community through involvement with a local charity.  Some provide volunteers to the Museum on an as-needed/requested basis throughout the year.  Some provide volunteers and include a financial donation after the volunteers have completed their service.  Some provide a sponsorship donation (such as buying a table at a fund-raiser) such that their associates are able to attend an event and network with others in the community also attending the event.

Other corporations are primarily concerned with “moving the needle” toward a specific goal.  These businesses have a highly focused giving program and generally only support causes complementary to their goal.

All sponsors are recognized in the following ways;

  • Through annual recognition
  • In marketing materials related to the sponsorship
  • In email newsletters to the Museum’s constituency
  • Through press releases related to the sponsorship
  • On our Facebook page and website

Sponsors for “tangible” things – like an exhibit or theme component, can also elect to have their business logo attached to the component.  The average “lifetime” for an exhibit (or theme component) is about 5 years.  In the last year, over 32,500 adults and children attended the Museum. Over 5 years, that’s over 162,000 people viewing a logo displayed within the Museum.

Other innovative sponsorship opportunities can also be developed. The Grand Traverse Children’s Clinic sponsors our “pocket cards” with Meal Tickets & Unusual Ideas, which are placed throughout the region in hotels and at attractions. We are currently seeking an annual sponsor for our monthly email newsletter, the InfoFlash.

Whatever form of support you choose, we will work with you to find the right fit for your interests, desired outcomes and recognition preferences.  Thank you, in advance, for your contribution to interactive family fun at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum.